NSW Medical Leadership Forum 12th May 2017





As Doctors also are required to provide leadership not only to peers and junior colleagues, but to others in the Health system such as Nursing and Allied Health Professionals, and a degree of Management expertise is expected of all Staff Specialists, not only those in Management positions and who receive a Managerial Allowance, Members may consider attending the NSW Medical Leadership Forum conducted by the Clinical Excellence Commission on 12th May 2017.

This Forum arose directly from ASMOF’s agitation to ensure the Leadership role of Doctors and their degree of engagement in NSW Health is recognised and fostered.

Although Doctors are the most senior and professional group within Health, it has been necessary for ASMOF to continually champion the engagement of Doctors with the Health System through such devices as the Clinical Engagement Survey to ensure that the best systems of care are provided. That engaged Doctors provide better systems of care is axiomatic.


For further information, please contact Sarah-Jane Messum E: sarah-jane.messum@health.nsw.gov.au