NSW Police Force draft Memorandum of Understanding for Mental Health



ASMOF has been actively engaged with NSW Health and other Health Unions including the NSW Police Association regarding the ways in which Health and NSW Police work together when delivering services to people with a mental disorder or illness. 

NSW Health has developed an updated Memorandum of Understanding  between NSW Health & the NSW Police Force. 

The Consultation Draft memorandum of Understanding is attached for Members’ information. 

Draft MOU NSW Police for Mental Health Draft MOU NSW Police for Mental Health (1070 KB)

Members, particularly those employed in Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine are requested to provide comments on the draft MoU to Senior Industrial Advisor Bob Morgan by 1st May, at which time they will be collated and ASMOF’s feedback to the Ministry and NSW Police will be provided. 

Please sent your feedback to Bob Morgan via bobm@asmof.org.au.