Occupational Assessment, Screening and Vaccination Against Infectious Diseases - Draft Policy Directive


Following initial feedback from ASMOF and other Health Unions, a revised Draft Policy Directive has been issued taking into account issues raised by in the earlier consultation. 

The key changes in this iteration of the Draft Policy Directive include:

  • A re-categorisation of positions considered at risk, including  new “High Risk” category (Antenatal & perinatal areas; Neonatal ICUs, Special Care Units; home visiting services for neonates; Paediatric ICUs; Transplant & Oncology units; ICUs (see Attachment 1 of Draft PD for greater detail)
  • Annual Influenza vaccination program for workers employed  in Category A “High Risk” positions (see section 4)
  • Inclusion of Termination of Employment provisions where re-assignment to a non-high risk clinical area is not feasible (see section 12)
  • Compliance monitoring & reporting (see section 14)
  • Transitional assessment requirements until a new Human Resources Information System is operational in each LHS (see section 15)
  • A number of other changes (such as a new section 8- Serology) have been included to facilitate consistent policy implementation within LHDs

To allow additional feedback to the Ministry of Health by 3rd November, Members are requested to provide comments by email to Senior Industrial Advisor Bob Morgan bobm@asmof.org.au by Tuesday 31st October.

Occup Assessment Screening and Vaccination Against Specified Infectious Diseases Occup Assessment Screening and Vaccination Against Specified Infectious Diseases (819 KB)