Office Accommodation under threat



This week ASMOF wrote to the NSW Health Secretary about office accommodation standards for Staff Specialists. You can read the letter here

We took the step of writing to the Secretary because of recent attempts by some hospitals to implement open plan workplaces (also known as shared-desk workplaces, hot desking, activity based working or agile working) for Staff Specialists.

We are concerned that in most instances cost is the main driver of open plan work arrangements with management taking a very short-term view of trying to fit more employees into available space whilst ignoring the research highlighting the negative effects of open plan workplaces.

ASMOF believes these negatives outweigh any so called “efficiency” benefits.

As we stress in our letter to the Secretary attempts to force open plan arrangements on Staff Specialists breach the ASMOF Recommended Minimum Office Accommodation Standards and may also breach the Staff Specialists (State) Award and NSW Health’s own Office Accommodation Policy

We ask members to be fully aware of the Union’s accommodation standards (contained in the letter) and if your local management try to implement changes to your office accommodation you must immediately contact the union.