Office Accommodation Update


Did you know that if a hospital proposes to make changes to existing office accommodation they must consult with affected staff and the Union?

At a recent consultation meeting regarding the Campbelltown Hospital redevelopment we had to remind management of this obligation. Hospital management told us they are placing a hold on the drafting of any plans concerning office accommodation whilst they engage the services of Six Ideas, a space consulting agency.

We congratulate Campbelltown Hospital on listening to the Union and the concerns of our members.

Hornsby Hospital must also be congratulated for their commitment to provide Staff Specialists with enclosed offices after members united and voiced their concerns against activity-based working.

But we must continue to be vigilant and monitor this to ensure the hospital does not try and erode the entitlements of members under the Staff Specialists’ (State) Award.

Seven things you can do to assist with our office accommodation campaign

1. Know your rights under your Award. If your employer wants to make changes to your current office accommodation arrangements, including as part of a redevelopment, then they must consult with the Union and all employees who may be affected by the change.

2. If you become aware of proposed changes send us any information you have to, just in case they haven’t told us.

3. Never agree to any changes, including agreeing to any plans or schematic designs for redevelopment without telling us about it. The basic principle is never agree to work in an open plan office space.

4. We need specific examples of why good office accommodation is important to you. For instance, Radiologists require low light to review scans. Please email us your examples to

5. Organise a meeting in your workplace for ASMOF to talk to you and your colleagues about our campaign top protect your rights.

6. Members can also attend the consultation committee meetings which are held between the union and management, where we discuss issues like restructures and redeployment. If you would like to attend one of these meeting please call the office on 9212 6900 for more information on when and where these meetings are held.

7. Ask your colleagues to join ASMOF, the Doctors’ Union.