Office Accommodation Update



As we mentioned in our last update, ASMOF resumed consultation with the Ministry of Health in respect to the wording of the draft Workspace Accommodation policy directive after the Industrial Relations Commission found that the document did not adequately reflect the entitlement to office accommodation for Staff Specialists and Clinical Academics.

Early this week, ASMOF sent the Ministry a revised policy directive with amendments that clearly state, if Staff Specialists and Clinical Academics require an enclosed office, on an exclusive, dedicated or shared basis, in order to undertake the duties of their role, then they are entitled to such an office.

ASMOF’s comments and amendments seek to introduce certainty into the document which was vague and fraught with future misapplication.

ASMOF is currently waiting for the Ministry to respond to our revised version and the matter has been adjourned to 21 October 2019 in the IRC.