Office Accommodation Update: Arbitration in the Industrial Relations Commission



ASMOF's fight to protect the entitlement to office accommodation for Staff Specialists and Clinical Academics finally reached arbitration in the Industrial Relations Commission this week.

Evidence was given by several members and we thank them for taking the time to attend despite their incredibly busy schedules.

The Ministry of Health argued that it's draft workspace accommodation policy directive would enable Staff Specialists to carry out their roles in an activity based working environment. However after hearing evidence from members it was clear that this is not the case for all Staff Specialists.

It was also made clear that the Ministry's draft policy mandated activity based working, and whilst they agreed that some specialities do require an enclosed office, the draft policy does not recognise this.

The Commission will now consider the evidence and submissions put forward by the parties and hand down a decision in respect to the interpretation of clause 24 of the Staff Specialists (State) Award, along with any recommendations or orders that it sees appropriate.

Please keep an eye out in our Friday News for the decision once it's handed down. In the meantime, ASMOF will continue to fight for the rights of Staff Specialists and Clinical Academics to reasonable office accommodation as part of each new redevelopment.