Office Accommodation Win at Royal Hospital for Women



The threat to staff specialist office accommodation has been a recurrent topic for the past two years due to a number of hospital redevelopments, which coincided with the Ministry of Health’s unilateral decision to the rescind the former policy directive for staff specialist office accommodation. It is important for members and hospitals to keep in mind however, that the entitlement to office accommodation is not only relevant in redevelopments, but can also arise where there is an increase in staff specialist appointments within a department.

ASMOF was recently contacted by members at the Royal Hospital for Women who sought our assistance to ensure their entitlement to office accommodation was protected in circumstances where there was limited space, increasing numbers of staff specialists being appointed, and competing interests involved. We recognise the difficulties that are involved in situations such as these and the need to ensure that the functionality of the service is prioritised as well.

In this particular matter, ASMOF commends the Acting Director of Medical Services, Dr Sharon Miskell, and our members for engaging in genuine consultation, which led to an outcome whereby our members entitlement to office accommodation was preserved. Genuine consultation involves taking into account the concerns of affected staff and providing them with an opportunity to influence the decision. In this matter the A/DMS listened to and genuinely considered the concerns of affected staff, which enabled the A/DMS to implement an arrangement which met the needs of affected staff and the department as well.

If your entitlement to office accommodation or administrative support is currently under threat, please contact ASMOF on (02) 9212 6900 or email for further information and advice.