Our Collective Voice in the Workplace Matters


A recent research study suggests that workers having a voice in the workplace leads to a more vibrant political democracy. The study published in the Industrial and Labor Relations Review (ILR)  found that the key to a vibrant political democracy may be as simple as giving employees a voice in the workplace.

The research found that managers that take the time to listen to their employees and involve them in decision making may also help to strengthen a country’s democracy. The authors found that when workers feel empowered at work, they are more likely to engage in political discussion outside of work. 

This report will come as no surprise to ASMOF members who know from their own experiences working in the health system, that high functioning workplaces are those that value their employees and listen to them and their union representatives in decision-making processes.

The report is a timely reminder of the importance of workplace consultation and democracy, which means that:  

  • Employees should be empowered to engage in constructive debate and discussion in the workplace, whether this is about managerial or clinical issues
  • Employees and unions should always be consulted on any major workplace changes, consistent with industrial requirements in Awards and Enterprise Agreements
  • Employees’ and their representative’s opinions should be valued and respected
  • Employees should be encouraged to innovate, generate new ideas and contribute to decision making.


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