Parental Leave and ASMOF Membership





Becoming a Parent is one of the most consuming roles one can undertake in a lifetime. It drains sleep, energy, and the bank balance. During this special period of our Member’s lives we offer to ‘suspend’ ASMOF Membership fees until you return to work.

Benefits and Services during Parental Leave
Because you, as Members, can still be affected by your work climate during this period we do not withdraw your right to advice and advocacy that we offer. You may need to re-negotiate your hours or conditions of employment before your Parental Leave has finished and ASMOF would be proud to aid you in this endeavour. The benefits (such as Travel Insurance and Journey Cover insurance) are suspended during this time for logical reasons. Since Journey Cover is not necessary for the purposes of traveling to work, and one has to be a ‘financial member’ in order to take advantage of the Travel Insurance, these two benefits are not available during this period.

In order for ASMOF to make sure you do not pay fee’s during this time, we request that you contact the office as soon as possible. Please call on 9212 6900 or email via