Pay Audits


ASMOF is currently experiencing some delays in our pay auditing service.

ASMOF conducts pay audits for members to review and resolve issues with pay and contracts, ensuring you are paid your full entitlements.

Through this service we have recovered over $420 000 in lost wages for members since January 2021. All claims for underpayment of wages that ASMOF has submitted to LHDs has been successful.

Our audit service is growing in popularity and as a result our audit list has grown significantly. We would like to ask our members for patience in processing your audit. Each pay audit is a forensic undertaking involving significant staff resources.

Unfortunately, underpayment of wages and breaches of the Medical Officers Award are rife across NSW. In 2021 we have discovered breaches and recovered lost wages for doctors in training working at Canterbury, Wollongong, Northern Beaches and Shoalhaven Hospitals. We are currently pursuing Nepean and Blacktown Hospitals to process payments for members.

ASMOF continues to meet with the Ministry and take action to ensure pay issues are rectified systemically. We have also successfully advocated for a new, easier to read payslip, and we have been working with NSW Health to implement the payslip for the 2022 clinical year.