PGY1/PGY2 Increment/Registration




Members have raised concerns that there are a significant number of 2016 interns who were to be reclassified to RMO 1s at the beginning of the 2017 clinical year who have not yet incremented from intern to RMO 1 due to a delay in getting their registration papers through from AHPRA.  It appears that AHPRA is experiencing delays in processing the JMOs registration.  

ASMOF was advised by workplaces that they have signed off on the completion of the intern year and sent the relevant information to AHPRA, as have the interns. The Union has also been advised that the majority were sent in December 2016 to early January 2017.  Due to the significant numbers affected, the hospitals require those affected to work as RMOs and are working them as such. 

Some hospitals have advised that they have requested that Healthshare upgrade them from intern to RMO1 and that they do this as a priority.  The registration is not backdated regardless of this delay being AHPRA’s fault. It commences from the time that AHPRA signs the registration.  This then has significant financial implications for the RMOs as their yearly increment commences from the time that they get their registration and so they will be behind every year for incremental purposes. 

ASMOF has escalated this matter to the MOH and sought their urgent intervention.  We will keep members informed as the matter progresses.