Plan for the Psychiatry Workforce- Call for feedback



ASMOF have been invited to provide feedback on a discussion paper to inform the NSW Psychiatry Workforce Plan and we want to hear from our members.

Some of the issues raised in the discussion paper include:

  • Improving recruitment and retention of the Psychiatry workforce
  • Lack of prevocational trainees and flat team structures
  • Fractination- VMO/staff specialist mix
  • Rural and Regional Psychiatry workforce

ASMOF is developing our response and we will be highlighting a number of issues including:

  • Enforcing the Award, particularly provisions related to access to non-clinical time and administrative support.
  • Proper classification & payment of Psych Registrars
  • Shift to acute care and workforce implications
  • After hours models of care and Award considerations
  • Improved consultation processes.
  • Resource allocation and quarantining mental health budgets
  • Low trainee renumeration
  • JMO Accommodation

Thank you to our members who have already provided their feedback to us. We urge Psychiatrists, Registars, Residents, CMOs and other affected members to send your thoughts on this paper to by 24 January, as our response is due 31 January.