POW weekend ward rounds win



ASMOF has won backpay for members at the Prince of Wales Hospital (POW) who were not paid correctly for their weekend ward rounds.

Medical officers (DiTs) may be required to do weekend ward rounds outside their ordinary hours of work.

The Public Hospital Medical Officers (State) Award 2019, mandates that a medical officer must be paid for all time worked at the appropriate rate. This includes all time worked doing weekend ward rounds outside the ordinary hours of work. They should either be paid as a Call Back with a minimum of 4 hours payment, or dependent on the facts as a 4 hour minimum shift.

The members at POW told us they were only being paid for three hours for their weekend ward rounds which meant they were being underpaid.

When the Union took this up with POW management they agreed these members had not been paid the required four hours and they were entitled to backpay.

POW will now advise all relevant medical officers that the weekend ward round shift will be changed to a four-hour shift, and that those who have been underpaid will be back paid.

What do you need to know?

  1. If you work weekend ward rounds then you are entitled to be paid a minimum of four hours pay at the applicable overtime rate.  
  2. Check your pay to ensure that you are being paid a minimum of four hours payment for working weekend ward rounds and not just the hours you work.
  3. Advise ASMOF if you require assistance via (allocation@asmof.org.au ) 
  4. If you know any work colleagues who haven’t joined the ASMOF/AMA Alliance do them a favour by forwarding this information to them and tell them to join today.