Pre-97 TESL



We are pleased to note there has been positive negotiations with the Ministry and we are one step closer to finally resolving Pre-97 TESL by allowing members to access their entitlement, in conjunction with their regular TES Leave.

As you may be aware, ASMOF has been involved in the negotiation with the NSW Ministry of Health regarding your Pre-97 Training, Education and Study Leave Entitlement for several years. The TESL Policy Directive provides staff specialists who have previously accrued TESL entitlement prior to November 1997 will continue to have such leave preserved and managed.

While the matter is not completely resolved, the Union continues to work with the Ministry and are hopeful for a resolution over the coming months.

As we work towards a resolution, we want to ensure your balance, as asserted by the Ministry and HealthShare, is the same as what you believe you have.

Consequently, we are reaching out to members to identify whether you believe you have Pre-97 Leave, and if so, how many days you believe you have.

If you believe you have Pre-97 TESL, please contact, or alternatively, the ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.