Pre-97 TESL



As members are aware, ASMOF has been involved in the negotiation with the NSW Ministry of Health regarding your Pre-97 Training, Education and Study Leave Entitlement for several years. The TESL Policy Directive provides staff specialists who have previously accrued TESL entitlement prior to November 1997 will continue to have such leave preserved and managed.

Last week, we asked members to reach out to us in regard to their balance. We note that several members identified that their leave was not reflected in StaffLink, although they had clear records indicating that they should have an entitlement. Accordingly, we will be raising these matters with the Ministry.

This week we are reaching out to members again to identify whether you believe you have Pre-97 Leave, and if so, how many days you believe you have. We note, should ASMOF and the Ministry reach an agreement regarding the conversion, the information will be based on negotiations that result from the information the Ministry has, and any information presented by ASMOF in support or in contrast to their assertions. As such, we are reliant upon members to contact us in regard to whether you believe you have Pre-97 and that it is accurately recorded in StaffLink.

We are advising all members to contact us if you believe you may be affected by this, and you haven’t contacted us following our previous article on 17 August 2018. We can only secure an outcome for those members who have notified us of an error. We are also asking our members to have a discussion with non-members and let them know the situation, and that they should contact ASMOF as soon as possible. Please share this article to those you believe may be affected.

If you believe you have Pre-97 TESL, please contact , or alternatively, the ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.