Private revenue for Level 2-5 Staff Specialists



If you are a Level 2-5 staff specialist all revenue from private you undertake should transfer to your No 1 Trust Account consistent with the Staff Specialists’ Determination 2015 and the Rights of Private Practice.

Unfortunately, both St Vincent’s Hospital Network and NSW Health Pathology are keeping revenue from private work, undertaken by Level 2-5 staff specialists via a subcontracting arrangement, in general revenue.

St Vincent’s and NSW Health Pathology have engaged in contractual arrangements with private external organisations without including or, at times, consulting staff specialists. Staff Specialists involved should be party to such contractual arrangements and agree to the terms of the arrangements.

Also, the work undertaken is assumed by the organisation to form part of the staff specialists’ normal duties. The contractual work engaged by the organisations should not form part of a staff specialist’s normal duties.

There may be examples of this practice occurring outside of St Vincent’s and NSW Health Pathology and we need members to tell us. We cannot allow this practice to be normalised across NSW.

If you are aware this is occurring in your workplace, please contact ASMOF at or on 9212 6900.