Proposed amendments to rules of the Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation (New South Wales)



(Registered rules of ASMOF (NSW) as at as at 5 July 2013)

In accordance with Rule 60.2 we provide members with a notice of a proposal to change rules the State Union.

You can read the current Rules here.

Explanatory Note

The State Council of ASMOF NSW has proposed amending the Rules of the State Union to:

(i)provide for an Associate Membership category (rule 3A) allowing ASMOF NSW to recruit medical students.

(ii)amend Rule 32 to standardise proxy voting.

(iii)introduce a new dedicated Doctor in Training position of Junior Vice President (rules 2, 20, 41A, 48, and 49).

(iv)align, where necessary and appropriate, the State Rules to the NSW Branch rules (rules 19 and 33) in regard to the composition of the governing bodies, and

(v)to remove redundant provisions (rule 19A).

The proposed Rules changes are found here