Proposed Self Education Cap Dropped

New Federal Government not to proceed with this proposal.

The proposed cap has been scrapped!

As previously noted, the former Commonwealth Government announced then delayed a proposed cap on work-related self education expenses to a maximum of $2,000 per annum.  Members who expend their own income on training and education directly associated with, for example, their continuing professional development to maintain their registration/accreditation or the training and education required to attain a clinical specialty via the relevant College, were all caught up in this unacceptable proposal.  

Whilst Treasury indicated at the time that it was not the intention that employer expenditure on education and training of its employees (such as TESL) to be caught up in this directly or via changes to FBT liabilities - it was all a bit of a house of cards that could have caused grief across the board. 

In response, ASMOF along with 80 or so other organisations became part of the Scrap the Cap coalition, which after much hard work has achieved a great win, with the Treasurer in the new Federal Government this week announcing that this proposal would not be progressed and had been dumped. 

"Of the 174,000 taxpayers affected by Labor's cap on self-education, 81 per cent earn less than $80,000 a year,  They are the people who are trying to invest in their own education to get ahead.”  [Treasurer Hockey, ABC News, 6 November 2013]

Well done to all those individuals and organisations who gave their support and voice to the campaign.