RACS Prep for SET Course


The AMA/ASMOF Alliance attended the RACS Prep(aration) for SET seminar on Saturday 4th of November, 2017.

Run by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), this course was targeted at junior doctors and 4th and 5th year medical students.  The purpose of the course was to show the pathway from graduation, to the RACS Surgical Education and Training (SET) and Fellowship. Geared to establish a network among medical students and junior doctors, the initiative also aimed to demonstrate the College's and supporting partners interest in this group and to offer support and guidance. The SET program promotes high quality, efficient surgical education and training through early selection into speciality training - surgical trainees are selected directly into the specialty in which they will undertake specialist surgical education and training. Common standards and principles underpin training across all the specialties.

With the numbers limited to 50 attendees, we provided  an education session on the Public Hospital Medical Officers Award and the constraints that we face with modernising the award due to the NSW Governments wages cap legislation.  We also educated them on some of their basic rights under the current award provisions and NSW Health Policy.

HETI's presentation piloted the attendees through the varied pathways from student to embarking on training programs. Great emphasis was given to navigating the HETI website, so that those in attendance can gain access to the different courses that will give them the best possible knowledge and preparation.

Dr Shehnarz Salindara gave them personal insights into working on the SET program and undertaking rural rotations. 

AHPRA talked about their registration process and what is required. 

The Alliance would like to thank RACS for the opportunity to take part in the seminar to speak with the junior doctors and students, and ASMOF as The Doctors Union.