Recent ACTU Poll shows that Australians want action on wages



More than 70% of Australians want action on low wage growth according to new polling conducted for the ACTU in April.

The polling shows that 80% of working Australians haven’t received a pay rise which has kept pace with the rising cost of living in the last 12 months, and more than 75% say that wage growth will be important to how they vote.

More than half of working people had not had a pay rise at all in the last 12 months, while a further 28.6% had received an increase so small it did not cover the expanding cost of essential items.

Three in four voters said that low wage growth was either the top issue or an important issue when they considered how they would vote in the federal election.

Wages have been stalled in real terms for more than six years, with real median wage growth close to zero.

Wage growth is a key issue for our members. Although our members have received wage increases annually, under the NSW Government’s wages policy, wage increases have been capped at 2.5 per cent per annum. Wage increases of 2.5% are barely above the current inflation rate. In other sectors of the economy, wages for low paid workers have fallen, forcing them toward poverty and reducing quality of life for the entire Australian workforce.

ASMOF will continue to advocate for changes to the unfair wages policy, and to change the rules.

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