Recent issues with ADOs


ASMOF has been contacted by members after they have been told they need to take bulk ADOs and/or have had their approved annual leave changed to ADOs if they have excess ADOs accrued.

This was reported in a recent SMH article.

ASMOF took this issue up with the Chief Executive of WSLHD, Mr Danny O’Connor, who gave assurances that taking bulk ADOs will not have a detrimental effect on a medical officers training or wellbeing.

ASMOF also wrote to NSW Health raising concerns about the potential problems of forcing medical officers to take bulk ADOs at once. The response was less than satisfactory saying that it is up to each of the LHDs to manage rostering of ADOs.

We also raised concerns that LHD’s have only just started to implement the changes that were made to PD2016_059 Medical Officers - Employment Arrangements in the NSW Public Health Service in December 2016. This has been what has caused many of the problems identified.

We have requested assurances regarding the following:
  • That the taking bulk ADOs does will not adversely affect a medical officers training
  • That all medical officers will be allowed to accrue three ADOs in accordance with Clause 6 (i) of the Award.
  • That in accordance with the provisions of PD2016_059 Medical Officers - Employment Arrangements in the NSW Public Health Service that medical officers will be given the option to have their ADOs paid out or taken or a combination of the two
  • That ADOs cannot be required to be used for Study Leave
  • That ADOs cannot be automatically utilised instead of Annual leave and pre-approved annual leave cannot be replaced with accrued ADOs
  • That’s ADO are is taken by mutual agreement and that all arrangements made between management and a medical officer to utilise ADOs at a later stage and/or throughout the year should be honoured.
  • That’s there are no existing shortfalls within the relevant department and directing medical officers to take bulk ADOs would not have a further impact on that department leading to an increase in workloads or hours for other medical officers.
We have also been advised this week that an audit is being undertaken by HealthShare of all medical officer ADOs and that all excess ADOS other than the three allowed to accrue under the award provisions will be paid out at overtime rate.

You should be provided with a list of your accrued ADOs and be given the option of taking the ADOs or having them paid out and/or a combination of the two.

If you have any issues regarding your ADOs please contact Industrial Organiser Kerrie Seymour at or on 99028122.