Reimbursement of Medical Indemnity Costs - Staff Specialists RoPP L2 to 5



Each year ASMOF has to renegotiate with the Ministry to continue the reimbursement of medical indemnity costs for staff specialists exercising their Rights of Private Practice (‘RoPP’) at levels 2 to 5. At present the date for reimbursement in the current Policy Directive PD2017_002 ends 30 June 2017 (Clause 5).

ASMOF is pleased to inform our staff specialist members that confirmation has been received from the Ministry that staff specialists exercising their RoPP at levels 2 to 5 will continue to be able to be reimbursed (from their No 1 Account) for the amounts paid in order to obtain medical indemnity cover relating to the exercise of their RoPP which is not covered by TMF indemnity.

The Ministry will issue a Policy Directive with a new extension date inserted into Clause 5. The PD is anticipated to be released towards end of July.

ASMOF understands that the Ministry has also communicated this extension and the release of the new PD to all the Local Health Districts, Networks and Health Pathology across the NSW Health Service.