ASMOF runs test case on remote clinical appraisals


Did you know that under the Public Hospital Medical Officers Award , on-call medical officers (Doctors in Training) are entitled to receive a minimum of one-hour overtime payment for clinical advice provided over the phone?

But hospitals are not paying this entitlement.

That is why we have taken a test case to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to resolve the uncertainty surrounding this clause.

There has been three days of hearing and the final hearing date is 22 August. Following this we hope a decision will be handed down quickly. We will keep members informed of the progress.

In the meantime, all medical officers should submit their claims using the form in the Payment to Medical Officers Undertaking a Clinical Appraisal Policy Directive and keep a log of all calls taken.

Also, if you know of any Doctors in Training who haven’t yet joined the union forward them this link so they can join today -