Remote Recall

One step forward, and now perhaps a stutter ...

Members would recall our most recent update that heralded a proposed way ahead in this matter.  Following the receipt of member feedback, ASMOF State Council concluded that despite some reservations, progressing with the suggested award variation had the potential of at least bringing the provision into play from its current moribund state. 

So whilst we seemed to have a step forward, and an application to vary the award has been duly filed with the Industrial Relations Commission (‘IRC’), its progression is now subject to some debate and discussion regarding the outstanding status of the appeal filed by the Ministry and the stay (prohibition) currently being applied on Justice Staff’s original declaration. 

This will be further discussed and ventilated next week prior to the application to vary the award (which has coincidently been listed before Justice Staff for initial consideration) being dealt with the following week commencing 9 December.  Even if something was ‘hammered out’ regarding the appeal and stay, it may also need to return to the Industrial Court to deal with.

However, in the meantime the parties are continuing some discussions on the accompanying policy directive that would set out the framework of how such claims would be made and processed.