Replacement of Pagers at Westmead Hospital



Recently, a direction was issued to all medical officers at Westmead Hospital, regarding the cost for maintenance and/or replacement of pagers and relevant accessories.

This equipment is quite aged, as it was acknowledged in the direction. However, DITs were advised that they would be required to pay exorbitant fees if pagers were dropped, damaged or misplaced.

The pagers themselves, along with holsters and battery packs were the items that were identified, with the cost for replacement or repair of a pager being $150. ASMOF regarded this cost as being particularly punitive.

After ASMOF wrote to the appropriate Administrative Staff at Westmead, and, after some internal discussion at the Hospital, it was agreed to replace broken and damaged pagers, without any cost to Medical Officers.

In regard to lost or misplaced pagers, Westmead staff have advised that they will consider these events on a case by case basis, rather than having a blanket rule being put in place.

ASMOF has been advised by Westmead staff that the policy/direction was put in place as result of the rising cost of pager replacement. They advise that the cost of replacing pagers amounts to more than $40,000 per annum, due to loss, breakage, or non-return upon resignation.

Medical Officers should take due care with this equipment, particularly in the bathroom, where it has been identified that much water damage traditionally occurs.