Review of Rotary Wing Retrieval Services

ASMOF has been invited to provide feedback on the review. 

ASMOF has been invited to provide comment and feedback on the review completed and recommendations provided by Ernst & Young on the NSW Aeromedical (Rotary Wing) Retrieval Services.  ASMOF has attempted to contact directly as many members as possible who may be involved in providing such important services to help collate and furnish feedback. 

Since the release of the final report (270 or so pages), along with the some 56 recommendations, the review has been the subject of prominent media coverage, appearing for example twice last week on pages 1 and 3 of the Sydney Morning Herald. 

If any member wishes access to the recommendations or summary or full report, send an email to and we will forward on. 

Feedback is requested from members by Friday, 22 February 2013, which will enable ASMOF sufficient time to collate and make a submission due the following week.