Safe working hours- members views are mixed



Safe Working Hours- members views are mixed

We previously reported that Ministry of Health has proposed a set of draft night shift and shifts-in-a-row standards. ASMOF ran our first meeting to discuss these guidelines on May 13 and we are collecting your views through a survey to get your thoughts- please fill it out here.

So far the results and our discussions with members suggest mixed feelings about the standards which are proposed. Whilst some members have praised this ‘well overdue revision of night shift conditions’ others are concerned about the upper limits of night shifts. 61% of members disagree with the proposed upper limit of 4 consecutive nights in a row and think it should be 7 nights instead.

Currently less than half (41%) of DiTs surveyed think the minimum of 24 hours off duty after a run of 1-2 night shifts is enough. Just over half (53%) think the minimum of 48 hours off duty after a run of 3-4 night shifts is enough. 2/3 of members surveyed so far believe that the minimum rest period following a run of night shifts should be nights worked x 24 hours (ie, 4 off after 4 nights, 7 off after 7 nights).
 ASMOF will continue to consult with DiTs to hear the full breadth of views on these important changes. The standards are important in tackling fatigue but also in determining working conditions in NSW, and we want to know whether they will work for you.

We will keep you updated of future meetings via our Facebook group.