Finally, a (small) parking win


The Sydney Children's Hospital Network has agreed to a number of changes put by ASMOF and other Health Unions in response the proposal to nearly double the cost of staff parking.

As you are aware ASMOF and our member were opposed to this increase.

The positive changes to the proposal are set out below: 

Union proposal


The fee increase should be slowly phased in line with recent decisions at other LHDs.

Current Rate is $12.40 per week

SCHN have agreed to a staged increase in parking fees.

The full-time rate will incrementally increase by $5.00 on 15 January 2018, and then by $5.30 (+ CPI) on 1 July 2018.

Increase the part-time hours cut-off from 24 hours a week to 32 hours a week. This is consistent with the rest of the Western Sydney Local Health District.


Decrease the part-time rate/after hours rate from the proposed $18.16 per week, to the $15.25 per week.


Suspension of Parking Rights (for staff on leave) from minimum of 12 weeks, to minimum of 4 weeks.


This is a substantial change from the original proposal and a small but good win.

However, we need our affected members to endorse. An email has been sent to affected members asking them to endorse these changes.

SCHN have again agreed to maintain the status quo in relation to the proposed changes, while discussions continue.