Seclusion and Restraint in NSW Health Facilities- ASMOF seeks your views on latest draft



In May the Ministry of Health invited ASMOF’s feedback on the draft Seclusion and Restraint in NSW Health Facilities PD and Guideline. These documents followed on from the Review of seclusion, restraint and observation of consumers with a mental illness in NSW Health facilities which found that the current policy environment is confusing. The Review recommended that NSW Health ‘have a single, simplified, principles-based policy that works towards the elimination of seclusion and restraint.’

ASMOF provided feedback on the draft documents, highlighting areas of the PD and Guideline requiring further refinement and clarification, including key definitions, reporting requirements and post seclusion and restraint requirements. We also shared concerns from ASMOF members working in Emergency Departments who were particularly concerned with aspects of this Policy which appeared to be unrealistic for them to achieve.

The Ministry have now provided ASMOF with a revised draft which addresses many of our initial concerns.

However we are seeking further feedback as to whether the requirements in the revised PD are able to implemented in the full range of members work settings, and reflect best practice in care.

Please note the new PD has a broad scope, applying to the care of ANY patient in all NSW hospital settings- not only to mental health consumers and mental health facilities or declared EDs.

Your comments on the attached draft (here) are welcome, please email to share your thoughts.