Senior CMO Grading Applications


ASMOF reported to members on 17 th August 2018  regarding the process for CMOs to make applications to become Senior CMOs, and some of the problems associated with the process (principally delays in the applications being processed by LHDs).

On 7th September 2018 ASMOF requested members to advise on ways the current Guideline to Progression to Senior CMO or for LHDs to regrade a CMO position to SCMO could be improved.

ASMOF has received and considered feedback from members, and has sent the submission (attached) to the Ministry based on the feedback from members.

Essentially, ASMOF has sought to include provisions in the Guideline to ensure that applications are processed and forwarded to the SCMO Grading Committee promptly in conformity with the CMO Award, and brought the Ministry’s attention to artificial barriers to approving applications for progression to SCMO.

CMO Members are reminded that if they are experiencing delays in having their applications for progression to Senior CMO dealt with, to contact ASMOF Industrial staff.