Service Check Register


Meeting completed to discuss the new policy directive.  

As previously reported, ASMOF was notified by the Ministry of Health recently that it had issued a revised Service Check Register Policy Directive (PD2013_036).

The foreshadowed meeting with all public sector unions occurred this week, and whilst some areas of concern were raised regarding some aspects of its application and intent, it was generally acknowledged that this version (at least on paper!) was a much superior policy outcome to its predecessor.

For a summary based on material presented at the meeting by the Ministry, click on the below link. This should be read in addition to the summary previously provided to members.

2013.11.25 - summary of changes to the SCR 2013.11.25 - summary of changes to the SCR (234 KB)

Members who may currently have a record in the SCR can now request, via section 7 of the new policy, a review to be conducted of such a record.  You are permitted to put forward material and documentation that suggests the utility or appropriateness of maintaining the record has ceased ie “There is no longer the risk relating to the alleged misconduct or misconduct .... which resulted in the creation of the SCR record.” [Section 5.5, point 5, pp 12 of PD2013_036]