SESLHD payroll deductions



Due to an internal processing error at Smartsalary, there were no salary packaging deductions made on 30 August 2018 for those on Pay Cycle 2 (Medical & Nursing) at SESLHD. Instead, NET pay was made to the relevant employee’s bank account.

We are advised this issue is isolated to SESLHD. Smartsalary is still investigating how this issue occurred and has commenced a root cause analysis regarding the occurrence of this issue, as well as implementing a two-step review process of SESLHD deduction files.

Smartsalary will rectify the missed deductions by doing a catch up / recalculation over the remaining pays in the Fridge Benefits Tax (FBT) financial year or up to the employee’s contract end date (whichever is applicable). We are advised the catch up will be spread across the remainder of the FBT financial year so to minimise any taxation implications.

If SESLHD staff have any further questions, please contact Smartsalary on 1300 476 278.