St Vincent's Hospital - Audit of Annual Leave


St Vincent's Hospital commenced an audit of leave last year and had requested staff to reduce their annual leave balance. Staff Specialists at St Vincent's Hospital with excess leave will now receive correspondence and be asked to attend an interview and provide a plan to reduce leave.

ASMOF discussed this with the Executive and supports the taking of annual leave and planning to take excess leave.

The relevant provisions of the Enterprise Agreement in reducing the leave balances.

  • Cl 17(c) – annual leave shall be given and shall be taken within a period of 18 months after the date the right to the annual leave accrued, provided that the giving and the taking of the whole or any separate period of such annual leave may, by mutual agreement between the Employer and the Staff Specialist be postponed for a further period of not exceeding 6 months (therefore – 24 months to use the leave);
  • Cl 17 (e) – … the Staff Specialist and the employer should determine a mutually agreeable date from which annual leave is to be taken and unforeseen circumstances excepted, agreement should be reached two months prior to the commencement of the annual leave. 

It is important to note that Staff Specialists cannot be forced to take leave, therefore an agreed plan has to be developed that suits both the Hospital and the Doctor.

The Executive have committed to back-filling positions where practicable as part of the plan to encourage staff to plan to take their leave.