St Vincents Leave Audit



ASMOF is aware that St Vincent’s Sydney is undertaking a annual leave audit over a period of 6 years, and is  requesting staff sign a statement that their leave balance is correct.

All staff with excess leave balances are being asked to check their annual leave balance for the last six years to see if it looks right and sign in reply, but have not been provided with any records held by St Vincent’s against which they can verify the balance provided by St Vincent’s is accurate.

ASMOF has contacted the Director HR who says staff will be directed to reply and staff will not be given records to check.

Staff must rely on their memories or their own or Departmental records kept by the secretary or HOD.

If staff do identify abnormalities they can correct their leave balance.

The Director  has indicated that if Members don’t remember over the last six years that should be their reply.

ASMOF considers that this response is inadequate, and Members are advised to reply that they will be unable to verify their leave balance until all the relevant leave records, pay slips and time sheets are available to allow them to check their leave balance and until they are provided that it is expected that current leave balances provided to Members will be considered to be accurate.

St Vincent’s also  advise they will audit all leave in due course.

Please contact ASMOF if you require further advice or assistance with this matter.