St Vincent's - Voluntary Redundancies Update


On Wednesday 28 February ASMOF staff and members met with Todd Mc Ewan, Director of Acute Care to discuss the planned Voluntary redundancy (VR) program. 

The meeting provided an opportunity for members to raise their concerns about the VR program. One of the key concerns was the paucity of information about the budget situation driving the VR process or the plan to address the shortfall and for the future of the hospital. We are also concerned that the VR plan will increase clinical workloads for remaining staff at St Vincent's Hospital (SVH).

Todd McEwan told us that SVH is approximately half a million dollars in the red and the Executive is building a strategy and clinical plan for services. 

This includes a Budget Plan  that will mean cost savings will continue across the organization.

This process also includes a program to audit and reduce leave liability.  ASMOF has received a number of complaints from members about these audits that have been reported in Friday News. ASMOF has also been in dispute with NSW Health including SVH over TESL audits.

While  is remains unclear what the final impact of the VR process will be, what was made clear is the organisation will be going through a long period of organisational change. NSW Health is funding the VR program and has made it clear to St Vincents that VRs should not include frontline staff. Doctors are frontline staff unless they occupy predominately non clinical roles such research. nurses are also frontline staff. Doctors importantly rely on support services in particular administrative support for their work.

ASMOF Members sent a strong message to the Executive that they are disappointed at the lack of information and consultation with staff at SVH particularly in developing plans for change. Staff want to know what is the strategic vision of St Vincent’s. Members said the 2013 financial crisis at SVH meant the whole organisation was restructured and staff paid the price for this. ASMOF members believe there must be accountability in financial management at SVH and an analysis as to what went wrong then and now and who is accountable. This did not happen in 2013 and needs to happen this time.  Staff were told in 2013 that  it was necessary to have organisational change to avoid what is now the emerging case again, a financial crisis at SVH.

ASMOF stated there needs to be a transparent process that includes communication with all staff about organisation change not just a management level. The Executive agrees on the need to communicate their logic across the organisation and discuss what is viable in terms of the need for service realignment. the Executive also believe in the need for infrastructure investment and  the need for an increase in coding and data in Departments.

ASMOF members have requested the Chief Executive attend a meeting of members. The Director of Acute Care said he is available to come to a meeting of ASMOF members.

Please contact Xanthe Thomson, Senior Industrial Officer at if you want to discuss your concerns on workplace change or the VR process.

There will be an ASMOF meeting at St Josephs Hospital on Monday 6 March at 12pm.