Staff Specialist Emergency Physicians allowance



ASMOF has negotiated with NSW Health to roll over the exiting emergency physicians allowance arrangements for another year. You can read the new Policy Directive confirming this here PD2020_023.

Each year ASMOF argues that the emergency physicians’ allowance should be continued indefinitely, or, alternatively, have a minimum life of three years instead of one.

We want a policy that is fit for purpose and ensures certainty for ASMOF’s Emergency Physician members. This would also mean that each year the Ministry does not have to spend the time and resources to renew the policy.

The reason the Ministry says it cannot agree to our request is the NSW Governments unfair wages policy – the ultimate decision to approve this is taken away from the Ministry and given to Treasurers Wages Policy Taskforce.

However, this year the Ministry has said they will take the time to consider our proposal. We will take them up on this and seek to commence earlier negotiations in 2021.

To do this we need to ensure we have an informed position. We will commence a round of meetings with emergency physicians in early 2021.