Staff Specialists' Managerial Allowance


Although all Staff Specialists are expected to have a certain amount of managerial responsibility due to the seniority and experience of the position, the Staff Specialists’ (State) Award provides at clause 11 for a Managerial Allowance to be paid in circumstances where a Staff Specialist is required by the employer to undertake additional responsibilities specifically associated with the management of a department, clinical unit or service.

What constitutes “additional management responsibilities” to qualify for the managerial allowance?

To be eligible for a managerial allowance a Staff Specialist will be expected to have direct line responsibility for a unit, department or service.

Those responsibilities would include some or all of the following tasks: cost centre management (including budget preparation and managing an allocated budget); participation in planning and policy development; coordinating research, training or teaching programs; membership of and participation in executive management teams.

Why are there different levels of Managerial Allowance, and who qualifies for each level?

The Award provides for three levels of Managerial Allowance.

A level 1 Managerial Allowance (the most common) applies to a Staff Specialist specifically required by the employer to undertake the additional responsibilities outlined above in a unit, service or department. The usual expectation of a Staff Specialist holding Level 1 Managerial Allowance is that they will have Human Resource Management functions including directly supervising staff (including other Staff Specialists, CMOs & JMOs employed in the unit), allocating duties, approving rosters, Staff Specialists’ Performance Agreements;, monitoring hours worked and other performance matter, and also involved in quality improvement and ensuring clinical governance activities are implemented.

A Level 2 Managerial Allowance is paid to a Staff Specialist who are required to have significant additional managerial responsibilities involving multiple units, services or departments, for example Divisional responsibility.

Level 3 Managerial Allowance was previously allocated to Staff Specialists who had a Area wide responsibility under the previous Area Health Service structure, and a number of Staff Specialists retain this level, however the Ministry has indicated that it does not consider this level should continue to be allocated since the restricting into Local Health Districts/Networks.

Is the Managerial Allowance paid on Leave?

The managerial Allowance is payable on all approved leave, for superannuation purposes and also on termination of employment.

Can the employer terminate payment of the Managerial Allowance?

Unless the position is one to which a Staff Specialist has been appointed where managerial duties are an intrinsic component of the position, in which case the employer cannot withdraw the Managerial Allowance, if an employer considers that it no longer requires a Staff Specialist to undertake the additional managerial responsibilities, it can withdraw the allowance with one month’s notice. If this occurs, members are advised to contact ASMOF for advice based on the specific circumstances.

Can the Managerial Allowance be paid for only a component of a position?

Although it can be difficult to isolate the “managerial” component from the rest of a Staff Specialist’s position, clause 11(f) does allow an employer to pay the managerial allowance for only the period allocated by the employer for managerial duties.