Staff Specialists' Pay Slips


Staff Specialists’ Pay Slips have for a considerable time incorrectly described the 17.4% Special Allowance as “On call/Recall Allowance”.

Here is the advice that HealthShare has issued following ASMOF Raising this issue.

From 5 February 2018 the correct description "Special Allowance" will appear on Staff specialists' pay slips.

ASMOF raised this mis-description with HealthShare and the Ministry due to ASMOF Industrial Staff frequently being told by Members that even when Members were working what could be described as onerous on-call/recall as considered in clause 6, Abnormal Working Hours and Recall of the Staff Specialists’ Determination, their Managers asserted that that they were adequately compensated by the “On call’ Recall Allowance”.

ASMOF members have advised us that the 17.4% Special Allowance which is paid for all purposes was inaccurately described as “Special On-Call/Recall Allowance”.

The Recall/ Special Allowance was discontinued following a Decision of Justice Fisher, President of the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW on 12th December 1989, and replaced with a Special Allowance of 17.4%(with no descriptor) paid for all purposes.

The significance of the inaccurate description is that Staff Specialists who have significant on-call and recall responsibilities, and who can properly be described as working abnormal hours as described in Clause 6 of the Staff Specialists’ Determination are routinely and incorrectly advised by their Managers/Administration that they are compensated for all on-call/ recall responsibilities by the 17.4% On call/Recall Allowance.

ASMOF acknowledge that Staff Specialists are required to be available for reasonable on call and recall duties outside of Normal Duties (Staff Specialists’ (State) Award clause 4 (e)) and that this is comprehended in the total remuneration which includes the base Award Rate and the Special Allowance, however the inaccurate description of the Special Allowance has frequently provided a barrier or disincentive to resolving Abnormal Working Hours or what is commonly referred to as “onerous duties”, often making resolution inappropriately adversarial.