StaffLink woes




ASMOF is aware of an error concerning HealthShare’s automated payroll system, StaffLink. Staff Specialists may incur a delay in the increase of their pay due to the failure of the system in capturing their incremental progression from year to year on their commencement date. ASMOF has been advised that HealthShare is aware of this error and are currently trying to resolve the issue. Furthermore, ASMOF has also been informed that whilst the error does not affect every Staff Specialist, it may affect some and until the affected employee informs HealthShare of the error, the rectification of the employee’s incremental increase may be further delayed.

The Staff Specialist Award sets out the process in which an underpayment is to be dealt with, however, ASMOF has been informed by HealthShare that an employee can request that their pay be back paid immediately using “quickpay”. By requesting “quickpay” an employee will receive their backpay overnight depending on their banking institution.

ASMOF reminds members to regularly check their pay slips to identify any underpayments or overpayments, and to contact HealthShare immediately should an incorrect payment occur. In respect to an underpayment due to a system error in the recording of an incremental increase, members should request that their pay be rectified using “quickpay”. If you are not able to resolve this issue with HealthShare directly, please contact ASMOF.


ASMOF is currently investigating this issue to determine what the cause of the error actually isand will be raising it at the next HealthShare JCC meeting to be held in May 2018.


We also advise members, should they have any concerns or questions to contact Catherine Ryan, Industrial Officer, via email at, or alternatively at the ASMOF Office on 9212 6900.