SWSLHD Mental Health Service – Temporary Service Relocation



ASMOF received recent correspondence in relation to Temporary Service Relocation of the SWSLHD Mental Health Service.

SWSLHD has notified ASMOF that its Mental Health Service has secured funds for the renovation of the Macarthur Community Health Centre located at 6 Browne Street, Campbelltown. The funding is sufficient for a complete redesign and renovation of the building , including a proposal for additional space in the form of another floor. As a result of the significant planning and building works, there will be a temporary relocation of all services within that building.

Address for temporary building:            Level 3, 101 Queen Street, Campbelltown
Effective date of transfer:                         Friday 29th September 2017, the transfer continues over that weekend.
Term of transfer:                                        Estimated 12 to 24 months

This temporary building is a large space previously tenanted by another government department within 200 metres of the exiting building. A lease has been secured for these premises and the LHD has engaged contractors for the completion of minor works prior to the occupancy.

There will be 2 centre based consultations regarding the temporary service relocation of the SWSLHD Mental Health Service:

When:           10.30am on Wednesday 16th August AND 3.30pm on Thursday 17th August 2017
Venue:           6 Browne Street, Campbelltown

SWSLHD invites all staff based at or who operate out of this centre to attend these consultations with any questions or comments in relation to the proposed move.

ASMOF will attend one of these consultation sessions and would be happy to receive your comments or concerns if you are unable to attend any of the above consultation sessions.

If possible please direct your feedback, comments or questions to Kerrie Seymour on kerries@asmof.org.au no later than 4pm next Tuesday, 15th August 2017.