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Dear Member

On Monday we launched Taking our TESL, our campaign to improve our ability to access opportunities for professional development through Training, Education and Study Leave. 

I would like to thank the 350+ doctors who joined our first two meetings.  Thanks to your participation we were able to get a keen sense of the changes that are most important to you, and hear a wide range of ideas for how TESL can be improved. 

We also received a number of questions on TESL, and during our campaign we will be educating our members on TESL entitlements. See answers to questions that came up in the meetings at the end of this email.

TESL Log of Claims

At the meeting we advised that our team are compiling an initial log of claims to send to Ministry of Health prior to our next meeting with the Ministry on June 1.

This log of claims is being developed with consideration to the common issues ASMOF staff encounter with members, our TESL survey results and the  member feedback we receive at TESL meetings.

Our wish list includes changes such as:

  • Doctors being able book flights themselves
  • Reasonable timeframe for approval and reimbursement
  • Accumulation of TESL funds beyond 2 years
  • Fixing systems to allow part-timers to access TESL
  • Using TESL for child care when at conference/events
  • Greater flexibility for IT purchases

We will be adding to this list and continuing to refine it over the coming months.

TESL Meetings

We have been contacted by a number of doctors who wanted to attend the TESL meetings but were unable to this week. For the next few weeks ASMOF will be holding smaller meetings at the LHD and hospital level. ASMOF industrial staff are able to present at MSCs or hold standalone meetings for members and non members by request, so please get in touch with the team:

Request a TESL meeting

Members can also watch a recording of the TESL meeting we held on Tuesday 11/5 online on our website, along with the slides on the results of TESL Survey.

As always, if members are having any issues accessing your TESL, please seek assistance from the Industrial team by emailing allocation@asmof.org.au.

Warm regards,

Dr Liz Swinburn 


Rest days are unclear and somewhat arbitrary! What are my rights?
There is not actually an express provision for a rest day. Whilst there is a mechanism for not being required to attend a conference on the day you land, it isn’t dealt with as a rest day per se. A day is still deducted. 

I converted from level 1 to 2 long time ago. How long back can we still be entitled to these funds?
They are available until expunged by the staff specialist.

I would like an on call phone from my tesl - is this possible?  They say no
You can purchase a mobile phone or a laptop through the TESL Funds. You need to consult with the relevant IT Department with respect to compatibility, connectivity, etc, and you also need to have the relevant funding, which you can use at your discretion. 

Can you be forced to take TESL to complete mandatory training- when clinical work load is preventing employees from completing mandatory training in a timely manner?
Absolutely not. Mandatory training is to be undertaken and paid for during work time. TESL is entirely separate.
I was informed that any electronic device purchased with my tesl doesn’t belong to me and has to be returned when I leave my employment?
This is correct. The PHO retains property over the devices, which are purchased for work purposes.

Can TESL be used for writing up the manuscript for a publication or used for preparing a lecture for a conference? I have had it knocked back
You can utilise TESL to access Home Based Study for 'an approved research related activity relevant to the Staff Specialist's field'. The PD states that 'TESL may be granted for short periods of preparation (not more than 1 day) for a publication in a refereed journal or preparation for a book chapter, resulting from the outcomes of research conducted by a Staff Specialist in the course of his or her duties and where the copyright of any publication is invested in the PHO. Any applications seeking approval of a longer period would require additional specific justification and approval by the PHO.' Please get in touch with us to discuss further. 

When I switched from Level 1 to 2 and had used all my $ balance, I had no TESL for a year because there is nothing in the No 2 account until the end of the financial year?
A Staff Specialist transferring from Level 1 to Level 2-5 maintains the balance of the entitlements in terms of days accrued and any remaining funds balance at the time of the change in levels, but no longer receives new funding from the general fund.
You can use those funds at your discretion. If they removed it without your consent, please let us know and we can call on the LHD to replace those funds for your use.
Please contact allocation@asmof.org.au for individual advice. 

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