The 2018 ASMOF/AMA senior doctor engagement survey



Last Monday we emailed senior members the link to the 2018 Senior Doctor Engagement survey.

The survey will remain open into the new year and we ask that all staff specialist and clinical academic members complete the survey.

Completing the survey should take no more than 10 minutes.

The survey gives you the opportunity to express your views on a range of areas like practices and culture in your workplace, employee engagement, job satisfaction, views on leadership, change management and several other important areas.

The survey results will provide us with a benchmark for NSW Health around engagement and will play a crucial role in contributing to the evidence base for all hospitals and local health districts to improve engagement with doctors.

The Garling Report and background to our survey

We recently updated you on the ‘Garling After 10’ forum which celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Special Commission of Inquiry into Acute Care Services in New South Wales also known as the Garling Inquiry.

As part of our submission to the Garling Inquiry, ASMOF, AMA and the NSWNMA commissioned the Workplace Research Centre of the University of Sydney to survey the views and experiences of doctors and nurses in the public hospital system.

Within this survey, several issues relating to the level of consultation and trust were able to be tested against a national benchmark survey of over 8000 workers. In an illustration of the level of distrust between doctors and management, the survey revealed that almost 70% of NSW public hospital doctors disagreed with the statement that “Managers at my workplace can be trusted to tell things the way they are”, compared to a figure of only 20% for the “average” Australian worker.

Our findings contributed to what was arguably the most quoted part of the Report of the Garling Inquiry. At paragraph 1.73 of the Report Overview, Mr Garling stated:

“During the course of this inquiry, I have identified one impediment to good, safe care which infects the whole public hospital system. I liken it to the Great Schism of 1054. It is the breakdown of good working relations between clinicians and management which is very detrimental to patients. It is alienating the most skilled in the medical workforce from service in the public system. If it continues, NSW will risk losing one of the crown jewels of its public hospital system: the engagement of the best and brightest from the professions who are able to provide world-class care in public hospitals free of charge to the patient.”

The Garling report confirmed what the union always knew - an engaged medical workforce results in both better patient care and more efficient hospitals, and it gave us more evidence to push to embed clinical engagement in the system. And in February 2015 we signed a “Joint Statement of Cooperation” with the NSW Minister for Health which, among other things, said that ASMOF and the AMA will conduct an annual survey of senior medical practitioners to gauge their level of engagement in the public health system.

In 2015 ASMOF and the AMA conducted the first Senior Doctor Engagement survey. You can read the results of that survey here.

Over time, these annual surveys will build up a picture of clinician engagement within the NSW public health system, as perceived by senior medical practitioners working in the system. The data will enable a comparison between LHDs and between hospitals within LHDs, and map LHD trends over time.

To complete the 2018 survey, click here .