The Genes That Make Us - the people, the science, and the ethics of the genome




Professor Edwin Kirk is a Genetic Pathologist working at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick. He works within a large team as part of NSW Health Pathology at the cutting edge of genomic technology. He is also a proud ASMOF member. He is also a respected researcher, working in the fields of cardiac genetics, metabolic diseases, and intellectual disability, as well as studying reproductive carrier screening.

Edwin has written a popular science book about the medical aspects of human genetics, called The Genes That Make Us – human stories from a revolution in medicine. We think this book would be of interest to many of our members.

This new book sets out to share the experiences and anecdotes of a career in genetic medicine more than two-decades long, while narrating segments of the history of genetic pathology and exploring the world of genes today and to come.

You can hear an interview with Professor Kirk here.