Time’s running out – We need your stories on Overtime



As per last weeks article, we need to work together in our campaign to win positive change in regards to Overtime pressures. We need your feedback by 6 August, so it is crucial that you send your information to us as soon as possible.

As a result of the DIT’s responses to the Alliance HHC Survey, ASMOF recently met with the Ministry of Health to express our concern that Medical Officers were not claiming their overtime. It was evident from the survey that DITs wanted us to advocate on their behalf to ensure that there were improvements in the process and culture of being able to claim and be paid overtime whether that be rostered or unrostered.

We highlighted two issues:
  1. That ‘authorised’ overtime at clause 9 of PD2016_059 – “Medical Officer – Employment Arrangements in NSW Public Health Service” was too narrow and isn’t consistent with the realities of the workplace; and
  2. The paper-reliant process for claiming overtime was burdensome and appeared to dissuade Medical Officers from claiming their rightful entitlements.
Whilst the Ministry certainly hasn’t conceded there is an issue, it has agreed to enter discussions on a without prejudice basis to determine whether an agreement can be reached to improve the process.

As part of the campaign to make positive change, we want to know your personal experiences with overtime, or that of your colleagues, to clearly identify the issues within the system.

This could include:
  • Why overtime has been refused
  • Pressures faced when claiming overtime
  • Barriers/processes put in place to discourage claiming
  • Inappropriate responses e.g. raising performance concerns.
Please send your experiences to ASMOF Industrial Officer, Daniel Laine, at daniell@asmof.org.au by 6 August.

You do not need to provide names or location, but we do ask that sufficient detail is given to establish a persuasive argument. ASMOF will collate and provide this information to the Ministry on a deidentified basis to facilitate discussion. We emphasis this information will not be provided to anyone within the LHDs.

We do need as many responses as possible to demonstrate there is a need for change. Any thoughts about possible solutions are also most welcome.

If you have already provided comments via the HHC survey then you do not need to provide these unless you would like to add additional comments and/or examples.

If this process does not produce results, ASMOF will consider whether it’s feasible to challenge the validity of the overtime policy via the Industrial Relations Commission.