Time's Up on unpaid overtime and unsafe work



You would be hard pressed to find a doctor who has made it through their training without having worked long hours of unpaid overtime.

When NSW Health fails to pay junior doctors for the hours they have worked, it is breaching the Medical Officers Award - and breaking the law.

That is why ASMOF NSW is suing the NSW Government in the NSW Supreme Court for wage theft. The aim of our action is to not just to ensure junior doctors are paid for the hours they work. We want to ensure the Award is modernised so that doctors are actually protected in the workplace.

This is our chance to change the Award.

If you have worked regular unpaid overtime in the past five years you can join our action at www.doctorsintraining.org.au. You do not need to have claimed or logged your hours to join!

Please note that to join our action you will legally be required to opt-out of the junior doctor class action by September 10. Find out more in our fact sheet on the legal action here.

Look out for an invite to our member briefings on the legal action in your inbox next week.