UNION WIN - Fixed Term Contracts

Recently ASMOF were advised that members, who are permanent Head’s of Department or similar positions, were being asked to re-apply for their positions for a fixed term period of five years. Consequently, we have written to both SWSLHD and the Ministry of Health and notified them of our significant concerns.

SWSLHD have responded noting permanent HoD or similar positions will not be asked to reapply for their positions and will continue in their ongoing contract. We will secure this commitment from the Ministry as a state wide issue.

As a threshold issue, employees who are engaged in meaningful work on a continuing basis are entitled to an expectation of permanency of employment. The essence of a fixed term contract employment application is a lack of availability of work in certain periods of time.

Fixed term contracts, in principle, are used where there is a requirement for relief periods during absence of existing employees, specific projects which are time limited, or functions which involve funding for a specific period, and which is not a recurrent nature.

A unilateral and holistic variation to this practice will lead to a significant diminution in the terms and conditions of employment for Staff Specialists in those roles. There is the loss of income over a period of non-employment, or through loss of a managerial allowance. There is loss of entitlements to redundancy, loss of accrual of sick leave benefits and long service leave benefits.

In addition to those specific losses, there are other losses. For example, the loss of job security is not an insignificant matter and will have a substantial impact upon the professional and personal decisions of our members.

If you are aware of this occurring to you or your colleagues in your District or Network, please contact ASMOF at allocation@asmof.org.au, or call us directly on 9212 6900.


An agreement with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse has been approved by the Fair Work Commission with an increase in salaries, better and well defined leave conditions and strong performance agreement provisions.

We thank the members for their hard work in securing this outcome.

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