Union Women - Union Strong


Several weeks ago, Unions NSW held a 2-day conference, ‘Union Women Union Strong’ that brought women from across the union movement together to address important issues such as women in a growing movement, the future of work and workplace safety.

Women make up more than half the union movement and these conversations are essential for a strong, unionised future.

While there were many highlights of the conference, our industrial officer staff found it fantastic to hear about the recent success of the Public Service Association in achieving pay equity for school support staff.

As a result of the union’s action, thousands of school workers will receive over $13,000 under a new pay deal between the NSW government and the Public Service Association, in return for greater responsibilities. Under the agreement, school administrative and support staff across the state will receive a 19 per cent pay increase over three years, more flexible work hours and be allowed to perform first aid.

This case demonstrates the power of the union movement to make positive change in the lives of our members.

We thank our members who attended the conference and look forward to sharing some of these important discussions through our Women’s Working Group.