Unpaid meal breaks – more hospitals on notice



Unpaid meal breaks – more hospitals on notice 

Members will recall  that ASMOF had uncovered underpayments for meal breaks. Most LHD’s have paid JMOs their retrospective payments and updated their roster templates to ensure that this situation does not happen again- however some are yet to pay and we are following them up.We have also now identified that WSLHD has been deducting meal breaks inappropriately and management have been put on notice.

The below is an update on progression of retrospective payments.

  • CCLHD – Paying in a staged approach; with payments being paid on the 7/5/20, 21/5/20 and the last one to be paid is the 4/6/20.

Those LHD’s who are yet to pay :

  • NBMLHD –NBMH have now agreed not seek any recovery of overpayments for public holidays M-F day shifts prior to the 10/4/20. Currently awaiting a copy of their communication to JMOs. Retrospective payments will be will occur in pay ending 31 May 20 on pay date of 3 June 20
  • SLHD - Currently calculating retrospective payments. We will update you when payment is scheduled to occur.
  • St Vincent’s – ASMOF has put St Vincent’s Hospital on notice that we are seeking retrospective payment for JMOs who have had meal breaks deducted inappropriately on after hours shifts. Many other pay issues have been identified through our auditing service which we will be raising with St Vincent’s management shortly. We will be requesting a Union Specific Consultative Committee (USCC) meeting with management in order to get these pay discrepancies resolved. Watch this space!!
  • WSLHD – Through our audit process we have now identified that WSLHD have also been deducting meal breaks inappropriately. Management have been put on notice. We are currently in the process of writing to them seeking retrospective payment.