Unrostered OT Online Claiming Form


The Unrostered Overtime Online Claiming Form has now been implemented across all LHDs and for the most part appears to be working well.

Some members have reported some concerns to ASMOF and as soon as we are made aware of any issue with the form we have been raising these with the relevant LHD.

Some of the concerns raised are:

  • Difficulties in claiming on-line after hours.
  • Call backs being declined with no feedback to DITs.
  • Call backs being declined and JMOs being advised that they are still required to lodge paper forms and have them signed off by the HODs.
  • DITs being advised that they still have to use the paper form and get them signed off for all unrostered overtime.
  • Admission/Discharge Summaries - the form only allows for outstanding admission/discharge summaries to be claimed as OT. This is contrary to the provisions that ASMOF negotiated in the relevant NSW Health Policy Directive. Sub-clause 9.1.5 states:

9.1.5 Completion of outstanding patient transfer/discharge summaries

Patient transfer/discharge summaries should be provided to the patient on transfer/discharge. In the event that a medical officer is unable to complete this documentation during their normal rostered hours, or the task is unable to be handed over to another medical officer to finish, they may undertake unrostered overtime until this work is complete.

ASMOF has requested an urgent meeting with the Ministry of Health, Healthshare and Ehealth to discuss and clarify these issues, along with other matters pertaining to DITs

If you have experienced any difficulties in claiming your unrostered overtime on-line please email us at allocation@asmof.org.au